• Making Learning Time Fun

    by Gabby Roa-Limjoco
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      Making Learning Time Fun

      Teacher Gabby Roa-Limjoco will share expert tips on how to encourage playful learning at home and help us manage our expectations and worries about our children's academic development during the quarantine.

    • Creative Memory Book Making

      by Mabby Camacho
        Creative Memory Book Making

        Mabby Camacho, owner and chief crafter of @mabbymakes on Instagram teaches us how to document our moments with our family and make a creative journal that we can look back to with fondness in the coming years. The best part? We can make use of this craft to send as a gift for our friends and loved ones, or even make money out of your finished products! Happy crafting!

      • Meditation for Moms and Pregnant Moms

        by Kimi Lu
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        Practice mindful breathing and meditation that is designed especially for moms by certified Life Coach Kimi Lu, with extra attention to the needs of expecting moms. Also uploaded on Mommy Mundo's IGTV.

      • Building Resilience from a Heart of Gratitude

        by Leah Eriguel
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        • Building Resilience from a Heart of Gratitude - 500
        Building Resilience

        A guide in unlocking hidden writing skills driven by learning to find gratitude in the smallest of things. in your daily life, and from your thoughts and experiences.

      • Sleep Training

        by Ria Campos-Lopez
        • Sleep Training - 500
        Sleep Training

        Certified Sleep Consultant, Child Behavior Specialist and Mommy Mundo Partner Ria Campos-Lopez explains what sleep training means, and how the practice and good, proper sleep benefits overall health in children, on a surface level.

      • KonMari Way

        by Christine Dychiao
        3 Lessonsin ,
        KonMari Way

        Time to tidy up! Christine Dychiao shows you the Konmari way to fold jeans, shirts, and toughest of all, fitted sheets!

      • Preparing for Life’s Greatest Miracle

        by Rome Kanapi
        4 Lessonsin
        • Prenatal Exercises - 500
        • Intro to Childbirth Preparation - 500
        • Body Mechanics - 500
        Preparing for Life's Greatest Miracle

        A specially designed course for expecting moms by pioneering childbirth and infant massage expert (a certified instructor of the Philippine Association of Childbirth Education, or PACE), Rome Kanapi, who has been teaching the Mommy Mundo community through the quarterly event Pregnant Pause for almost a decade. This course covers a lot of what you might hear at Pregnant Pause, but these lessons are longer, more comprehensive, and includes tips and content she only mentions here!