Course Category: Parenting

  • Making Learning Time Fun

    by Gabby Roa-Limjoco
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      Making Learning Time Fun

      Teacher Gabby Roa-Limjoco will share expert tips on how to encourage playful learning at home and help us manage our expectations and worries about our children's academic development during the quarantine.

    • Creative Memory Book Making

      by Mabby Camacho
        Creative Memory Book Making

        Mabby Camacho, owner and chief crafter of @mabbymakes on Instagram teaches us how to document our moments with our family and make a creative journal that we can look back to with fondness in the coming years. The best part? We can make use of this craft to send as a gift for our friends and loved ones, or even make money out of your finished products! Happy crafting!

      • Sleep Training

        by Ria Campos-Lopez
        • Sleep Training - 500
        Sleep Training

        Certified Sleep Consultant, Child Behavior Specialist and Mommy Mundo Partner Ria Campos-Lopez explains what sleep training means, and how the practice and good, proper sleep benefits overall health in children, on a surface level.

      • KonMari Way

        by Christine Dychiao
        3 Lessonsin ,
        KonMari Way

        Time to tidy up! Christine Dychiao shows you the Konmari way to fold jeans, shirts, and toughest of all, fitted sheets!