All About Breastfeeding

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In this course we try to let you moms in on everything that involves the most natural, beneficial way to nourish our little ones in their early years, up to their toddler years and sometimes even beyond! Leading this course is our resident Breastfeeding expert, Abbie Yabot.


Pumping and Feeding

Length: 0 minutesAuthor: Abbie Yabot

When it’s time to go back to work, or time to start being more active versus when you had just given birth, and you are certain you’d like to keep exclusively breastfeeding, how does that work? This session, recorded live at the second part of our Breast Friends Series, shall be covering: Pumping and storing […]

Preparing for Breastfeeding, Nipples and Breast Care

Length: 0 minutesAuthor: Abbie Yabot

From the time we give birth, there are a lot of things we can do to up our chances for breastfeeding success like skin-to-skin contact, proper positioning, right latching, feeding on demand…but it is such a tremendous help to get the proper support for new moms especially when the going gets tough! And a much-needed […]

Beginning Breastfeeding

Length: 0 minutesAuthor: Abbie Yabot

abbie yabot beginning breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a skill that moms need to learn. This session of Baby Love about Beginning Breastfeeding takes you through the advantages of breastfeeding, anatomy of the breast, supply & demand of breastmilk, the best breastfeeding mindset, correct positioning, and common questions moms have about breastfeeding. The course is given by Abbie Yabot, Certified Lactation […]